Could you support Independent Advocacy?

Your donations will be used to support the services we provide, support our volunteers or ensure our offices are equipped to support our clients.

The most popular ways to donate are:

  • A regular donation from your salary, tax-free if arranged through the Gift Aid scheme.
  • A one-off donation, tax-free if arranged through the Gift Aid scheme.
  • A Legacy or Bequest.

Donations can be sent to us in a number of ways:

  • “Just Text giving”: Using your mobile phone, just text the amount you wish to donate (£5 or £10) to 70070
  • Cheque: Just send your donation to us by post to the following address:
    Independent Advocacy, Avenue M, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LG

Make a Legacy or Bequest

What is the difference between the two?

A legacy is straight forward gift of money left in a Will.
A bequest refers to property and possessions.

If you would like to find out more about making a legacy or bequest please contact us by telephone on 024 76 697443.