Quotes from users/carers

“I would just like to add that the Independent Advocacy team have been absolutely wonderful in supporting my daughter over the past ten years.”

Quote from client’s mother.

“You’ve been hope at the other end of the phone.” 

Quote from Declan.

“You’ve been absolutely amazing”

Quote from client’s mother

“You have listened to me like no one else has”

Quote from client.

“Thank you so much for your help in fighting DSS/DWP re withdrawal of PIP and therefore severe disablement premium too. After a nightmarish 4 months, I’m pleased to say they have reversed the decision at mandatory reconsideration and I’m told my next payment will be in full and back pay will be sent. I’m so relieved I can’t express it. 

I have no doubt that your assistance and letter was one of the critical factors in their changed decision. In addition, your support and reassurance was a great help at the most stressful period. 
I greatly appreciate the work you do for me and others in a similar situation” 

Quote from client email to Advocate Peter Smith