Digital Champions really make a difference!

The daughter of Resident D attended a community café drop-in session and became aware of the support we could offer utilising the skills of the Independent Advocacy volunteer, Peter [who operates once a week providing a Digital Champion service to support IT needs].

Resident D suffers from mental ill-health and following recent a recent break-up in his relationship with a partner, needed to inform the relevant agencies of his changes to circumstances and apply for Universal Credit online.

His daughter encouraged him to attend a community café drop in event which runs parallel to the delivery of the Digital Champion session. The framing of the support as an addition to the café appealed to Resident D, who [according to the daughter and backed up by observation] lacked confidence and was reluctant to contact and update authorities independently.

The Digital Champion assisted Resident D with an online application for Universal Credit. The process took nearly 1.5 hours using the Packmores Community PC.

There was a visible change to the body language of Resident D following the completion and the daughter has fed back that he ‘slept well that night’.

“It’s gone really well for my dad he had his follow up appointment last week which went good he feels a lot better now he has an appointment on Friday as well thank you again”

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