What is NHS complaints advocacy?

If you are unhappy about the care or treatment that you or someone close to you has received from an NHS funded service, you have the right to an investigation and to be provided with a full and timely response to your concerns

Areas covered

  • NHS Trusts and NHS bodies, including NHS Foundation Trusts
  • Health Services including:- Hospitals- Rehabilitation Services- GPs- Dentists- Opticians- Pharmacists- Community Mental Health Teams
  • Private healthcare providers financed by the NHS 

What we do

  • Free confidential service
  • Listen to your concerns
  • Help to explore your options
  • Support you through the complaints process
  • Attend meetings
  • Make representations on your behalf
  • Resolving a concern locally
  • Making a formal complaint
  • Taking a complaint to the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman

Useful links

Self-Help Guide, information leaflet and poster.

The NHS complaints procedure -  www.nhs.uk

Action Against Medical Accidents (AvMA)
AvMA provides free and confidential advice and support to people affected by medical accidents.

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