Our Patron

Jeremy Wright QC, MP

Jeremy Wright was born in Taunton, Somerset. His parents were both teachers and he has one brother who served as a Commander in the Royal Navy. Jeremy went to the University of Exeter, where he graduated as a Bachelor of Laws.

He was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in 1996 and specialised in criminal law in the Midlands until his election to Parliament in 2005.

Jeremy is a passionate advocate. As our Patron he helps continue that commitment by helping us to empower people to lead fulfilling lives.

“I have been an advocate all my professional life – as a barrister and then as a politician. Most of us need an advocate at some point, whether to represent our point of view or to give a clearer exposition of our position so that a solution can be found. I was delighted to become a patron of Independent Advocacy because I know it to be an organisation that lives up to its vision to empower people to lead fulfilling lives’. I have always found advocacy to be fundamentally about empowerment – not just in giving a stronger voice to the unheard but also in clarifying and refining the issues in a way that makes agreement and resolution more likely. Advocacy does not have to be confrontational and it is often best when it is not. It can be about guiding all parties to the common ground and offering clarity to all on the solutions that can be found there. That is what Independent Advocacy does and they need our support in offering crucial help to others who most need it.”

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