Child Protection

Having a child removed from you is a harrowing experience even if it needs to happen. Parents, especially if they have Learning Disabilities or Mental Health issues, can struggle to understand what is happening and why. Going through Child Protection proceedings is a traumatic experience for the Parents as well as the child.

We provide an independent professional advocacy service for families involved with the child protection process. The advocate will:

  • Support & represent at the initial Child Protection conference
  • Provide support at meetings, through court proceedings and parenting assessments
  • Ensure that parents have their voices heard by helping them to express their views and wishes
  • Help parents to understand their rights.
  • Help parents to make informed choices.
  • Support to understand Solicitor meetings
  • Support & assist to instruct Solicitors
  • Support to understand and challenge psychological assessments if appropriate
  • We ensure the entire process is person centred and in a format that is easier to understand

If you would like more information about this service, please use the enquiry button below.

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