Independent Advocacy is a registered Charity, operating across Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull delivering a range of services to Mental Health service users in hospital and in the community.

  • Duty to influence statutory services to improve meeting needs on a person centred basis.
  • Support for those people in detention under the Mental Health Act. To understand their status and exercise their rights.
  • Support for people in mental health distress in the community to understand and exercise their rights.
  • We run a number of ‘drop ins’ across the area for those with severe and enduring disorders and those with others with mental health distress.
  • We facilitate Peer Support groups, promoting Self Advocacy for our service users.
  • We are active members of Community Partnership Hubs both using the facilities and receiving referrals from the Hub staff.
  • We are the Partner with Mental Health services in the Primary Care Liaison Project based in GP Surgeries in Solihull.
  • We operate the Statutory NHS Complaints Advocacy Service for Solihull Borough.
  • We operate the Statutory Care Act Services for Mental Health Service users in the Solihull.
  • We are in Partnership with the main 3rd Sector Providers in the area which we operate in.

Key Achievements in the last 3 years

  • Successful support for those detained under the Mental Health Act.
  • Successful facilitation of a Peer Support group for those leaving secondary services.
  • Partners in the Primary Care Liaison Project.
  • Active in the Community Partnership Hub.
  • Experts in non instructive advocacy.